Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Blog Novice

Well here I go in the fantastic land of bloggers thanks to my very good friend Blueberry Heart, who very kindly helped to get me started. I sit for hours reading other blogs so thought why not give it a go!

As my name suggests I travel quite a lot through my job and stay in some very nice places most of the time. Last week I had the good fortune to be working in the Norfolk Broads. Well the weather was scorching on Monday then the heavens opened, there was forked lightning and very loud thunder. Not my favourite type of weather, least of all when I am driving around strange roads. Well I dived into Tesco and took refuge for an hour until I was getting some rather strange looks and had to brave the lightning strikes and flooding. Fifteen minutes later and soaked to the skin I arrived back at my hotel. Shower and jammies on I settled down to watch tv (which I do too much I am afraid), and read my new magazine.

Several years ago when my children were small, I was an avid knitter and loved to create patchwork quilts and cushions. Well whilst in Tesco I decided to purchase a magazine that caught my eye because it had everything I would need to create some rather bright granny squares in crochet along with step by step instructions for those of us who havent picked up a crochet hook in decades. Needless to say I managed to look at the photos of what could be achieved and then promptly fell fast asleep. Work took over the rest of the week too and I arrived home on Friday evening fit for nothing but sleep again.

Saturday I took part in The Midnight Walk along with BH and Miss J. We raised a good amount for the St Cuthberts Hospice in Durham, burned a few calories over the 10k, then promptly ate them back again in the form of a sticky bun, provided at the end of the walk, which was delicious I have to say!

Sorry I have no pictures yet but I am only a novice!