Friday, 30 October 2009

Pumpkin Soup Mmmnnnnn

As it is Halloween tomorrow coupled with the drop in temperature today, I decided to buy a pumpkin and make some delicious warming soup.

I used the flesh of the pumpkin which I softened in some oil along with 2 carrots, a large onion, half a leek and 2 veggie stock cubes. I added enough water to half fill my pan and left it to cook for about 45minutes. Next step I added a handful of fresh coriander then blitzed it down with a stick blender. Eh voila, a delicious pan of soup.


Well I couldn't just throw the pumpkin away, so I decided to check out Google images for a template and get creative. I then set about marking the picture onto the pumpkin by pricking it with a skewer. The next part was the hardest, I had to cut through the pumpkin around my guidelines, then the worst thing ever happened my cutting tool snapped and I had to finish my effort with a small knife.

Well about an hour later the lantern is finished and ready to light the candle.

Not bad for a first go,, don't you think!
Oh and the soup was delicious.
Have a good weekend everyone

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Christmas is coming!

Me and my other half Mr C, went shopping for a new kitchen at the weekend, not really the thing to do this near Christmas but hey ho! Well after we spent a kings ransom we drove over to the local outlet shopping centre for a walk about and we saw these lovely decorations in the entrance. On the way out we noticed there were illuminated reindeer on the hillside too, but as I was driving I didn't get the chance to take a photo, sorry!

We couldn't resist this plate with the glittery snowflakes on the border

Then we saw another so had to have that too!

And then we spotted some cute little decorations for holding Christmas Cards, then a wooden snowman for the tree, and a little silver star with some stones set into it, a snowman plaque,to mention but a few.

I can't wait for December!

Friday, 16 October 2009


This afternoon on my return home from Liverpool, I met up with my very good friend BH and her mum at the Xmas Craft Fair at Newcastle Arena. I had an absolute ball visiting all of the stalls. Thanks to both of them for inviting me. X

We all signed up to a Ribbon Workshop which was excellent (My thanks to the guy who showed us what to do he was great, and he supplied us all with some fudge to eat whilst we eagerly created out wreaths!)

I came home very excited with my new crafty creation, and Mr C just could not contain his laughter. He said he could not determine whether it was for Halloween or Christmas and he then went on to say "has some one created a Saint Spare Ribbons Day?" Philistine ! Well I was pleased with my efforts!
Mind you on reflection when you see it in a photo it does look like an explosion in a ribbon factory!!!!!!!!!!
Night all X

A week in Liverpool

I have spent this week working in Liverpool and I stayed in the Crowne Plaza which is located across the road from the Liver Building. I took this photo this morning before breakfast whilst loading the car.
Is quite an impressive building and very bizarre that on Monday evening there was a documentary on TV all about the Liver Birds on top!
Over the course of this week I am afraid I have taken a few picture in an attempt to get the perfect one!
I went for a walk each evening into the town centre (for a spot of exercise honest) and came across the Cath Kidston store tucked away in a lane just of the main Liverpool 1 shopping area. The staff were lovely and didn't mind me taking these pictures.

This morning on the drive home I stopped at a traffic light outside a sandwich shop called Ate days a week, and at that very moment what came on the radio, but Eight Days a Week by the Beatles - Spooky or what!!!!!


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

More shopping in Orlando

Back in Orlando we hit the shops but not before calling in at the Cracker Barrel for brunch. I always like to pay a visit as the goodies they sell in the shop are amazing. They have a large selection of Halloween items.............

They also have a good selection of Christmas themed ornaments and tree decorations. Like I say it is always well worth a visit.

I also noticed their thanksgiving displays and I couldn't resist this Harvest Angel. She is gorgeous isn't she?

I saw something unbelievable in Florida Mall. A Surf simulator in a store. My goodness what will they think of next?
Then on Friday Mr C took me to the Mall at Millenia to the Tiffany Store to buy me a birthday gift. He bought me a charm bracelet and a selection of charms. (How lucky am I?) Photo's to follow, as my prized possession is at home and I am sitting in a hotel in Liverpool writing this blog trying hard to catch up and stay awake! Nearly there.

A long weekend in Miami 26th September 2009

On Friday of our first week I drove Mr C and my very good friend Lady B (who lives in Orlando 6 months of the year) down to Miami to visit her son. What an adventure, I am so proud of my achievment in mastering the traffic. Master B gave me a bit of advice - when you see a brake light in front of you just accelerate. Well blow me but it worked every time! We dropped Lady B off at Master B's house and after a drink (coffee for me, beer for Mr C, wine for the B's) we drove to Miami Beach to check into our hotel. A very pleasant surprise awaited us. The hotel upgraded our room which was great. When we looked out of the window we were well impressed. It was sunset so I had to take a photo.

We showered and changed as quite as we could then it was off for a spot of posing on Lincoln Road. I just love it! And I had'nt had a drink all week due to being the designated driver or should I say the only driver! Bless him he has promised to take some driving lessons this century but I am not holding my breath.

My turn for a drink I have'nt had a Margarita in ages (February) so this one didnt take long to finish off!

Then I got my eye on the selection available. Fantastic. (I dont get out much!)

We ate our meal alfresco whilst people watching, followed by another drink then back to the
hotel for a well earned sleep.

On Saturday we decided to take a little light exercise in the form of a walk along the boardwalk. Some of the sights (joggers) were a sight to behold. Some of the girlies were jogging half naked. Mr C was dumfounded. I think most of the runners were merely posing for the delight of the tourists. More photos of hotels and views of the beach. Sorry I didnt take any of the joggers!

We passed the Versace Palace. Those people stood talking for ever so I just took their photo too!

We then went to a deli for lunch before continuing to walk the length and breadth of Miami Beach. We returned to the hotel at 4pm and needed a lie down before showering and driving to Master B's house for dinner. But not before capturing another amazing sun-set!
On Sunday we went to church to hear Master B sing a solo (amazing rendition of You lift me up), then back to Lincoln Road for a lunch of Pizza before travelling back to Orlando for dinner at Lady B's house, then back to our villa for a night cap and then bed, exhausted.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Our Florida Vacation (part one)

Well it seems like a life time since I posted my last entry.

We left England for Florida on 19th September and landed in Sanford Orlando at 1:30pm just in time for lunch. I took these photos as we were coming in to land. Sorry about the glare of the flash, I forgot to switch it off and there was no time to take them again.
We collected our luggage and headed off to collect the keys to the rental car. The guy on the desk was leaving that day so he said he wanted to make sure we got the best deal ever. He gave us the tank full of fuel for free then offered us a Hummer. Can you imagine little 5foot 21/2 inches of me driving a beast like that? (Mr C does not drive you see)I think not so I took delivery of a lovely Chrysler and drove to our rented villa in Kissimme. Just me and Mr C and they gave us a three bedroomed villa, it was great! We dropped off our bags and headed off for some dinner. We just got a take away of chicken and salad with a bottle of wine for me and some bottles of beer for Mr C. We managed about 6 hours sleep then were wide awake so showered and headed of to Ihop for breakfast of omlette and pancakes. Well worth the wait said Mr C! Now off to the shops, well it has to be done with all those outlet malls. Mr C bought 3 bags full of Nautica as usual but I seemed to have lost my shopping mojo.

Monday we drove to Downtown Disney which is always worth a visit as they have a Gioradelli Ice Cream Parlour my absolute favourite. I had a banana split and Mr C had a very berry sundae. We were a little disappointed as the treats were served in disposable containers instead of the usual glass sundae dishes.

We are a couple of kids when it comes to ice cream. It looks good does'nt it? Mickey and Minney said Hello!
More adventures later as my internet connection is running really slowly.