Sunday, 29 November 2009

My week in the Derbyshire Peak District

This week my work took me to the Derbyshire Peak District. Whilst driving there on Monday I encountered some really heavy rain that was running like rivers down the sides of the roads and the windscreen wipers couldn't clear the drops off my windscreen fast enough! Very scary indeed.
The roads are very steep but the scenery is beautiful, even through the rain. The rest of the week was cold but the sun came out to reveal the most wonderful architecture and scenery. I cant believe I walked up and down those streets three days in a row!
I stayed in a really nice hotel called "The Red House" (photo taken from their website, as I arrived after dark!)

My bedroom was warm and cozy, and was decorated in cream. It had its original fire place, but it was there for decoration only unfortunately.
The owner and staff of the hotel were very welcoming and I would recommend anyone to stay there if they get the opportunity! I am off to John Lewis next week to try and buy a similar bedspread. I met some lovely people during the course of the week, one of whom makes knitted tea cosy's that she sells from her home in one of the villages. She has sparked my interest in knitting again and I have made a couple for her to add to her collection. Unfortunately I forgot to take picture before I handed them over. I will take pictures of my next creations as soon as I finish them. Thanks for stopping by.
Mrs C

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A wet and windy Sunday in Northumberland

At 9 a.m. the sun was shining brightly although the wind was quite strong. If you look closely you can see the swan on the lake!So we decided to take a walk up into the village, to the bus station where there was a Continental Market due to open and 10 a.m.

We put our coats and boots on and headed to the door when the heavens opened again, so instead of walking we did things the lazy way and got into the car! When we got there it was dark and pouring - the poor stall holders looked freezing. A quick whiz around and then off to the newsagents for our papers.
On our way back to the car with only the Sunday papers purchased the sun came out! So we just had to go back an buy some scrummy olives.
Have a good evening all.
Mrs C x

Fishy Find

We went out for a walk yesterday in between down pours and Mr C got his eyes on this in the local RSPCA charity shop. I think it is really quite awful but he loves it so I had to indulge him. We think it is a soup tureen, which is why I put the ladle into it! Doesn't he look miserable?

Sunday, 15 November 2009

I dont believe they got through again!

John and Edward are through again. They cant sing, and they cant dance either. Surely they cant win..............
Can they?

Friday, 13 November 2009

First in the queue

Today Marks & Spencer held a Christmas penny bazzar which opened at 9:00am.

I met up with my bezzy mate BH at 8:15 and we headed off to the store to join the queue.

Imagine our surprise and excitement to find out we were actually first in the queue.

Just before the doors opened Santa and his helper came out and handed out chocolates and discount vouchers to be used against full price purchases in store.

We were then given a flyer showing what goods were on offer to us and we were told we could choose five. Ooh the excitement!

We both had a photo taken with Santa but don't feel brave enough to share the pictorial evidence - sorry!


The doors opened an we were invited in. I was met by a sales assistant holding a red and white carrier bag. "What 5 items would you like madame" then I made my choices.

I got a mug,

A money box complete with lock!

A tea towel.

A note book.


A key ring which has a trolley token on it!

There were no charges for the goods but everyone was asked to make a donation to the Breast Cancer Research charity, which I always like to support anyway.

Happy with our gifts we then headed off to Mc Donald's for breakfast. (not the healthiest we agreed, but none the less very acceptable!)

A very fulfilling Friday 13th!

Then off to work. Not so exciting but still it pays for the shopping trips and scones on Monday!

Have a good evening all. Mrs C x

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remembrance Sunday 2009

At 11am today we will be participating in 2 minutes silence in remembrance of our service men and women who have fallen. I will also be thinking of those who have been injured and those who are still serving, as well as their families.

Thank you to all of you service men and women past and present.

Poppies are sold every year by the Royal British Legion to help fund their charity work. I will wear my poppy with pride!

T T M x

Saturday, 7 November 2009


I decided not to go shopping this afternoon, and I am really glad I stayed at home. The weather took a turn for the worst and it is pouring with rain and really cold.

I logged on to my laptop to check my e-mails and started checking out other blogs. Whilst checking out Country Heart and Home, I came across a reference to Flylady.
The site is inspirational, with motivational videos. One suggestion is that to start de-cluttering we get a black bag and select 27 items to throw out. It didn't take me long at all. Look out Anthea you have competition!
I have now been through most of my magazines (why I hang on to them I really don't know) but the majority of them are now in the recycling box ready for Thursday. I will move upstairs tomorrow hopefully and by Monday the charity shops in the area will have some new stock.
I have kept my Weight Watchers mags and I am just now waiting for my slimming mojo to return. I went to fat class this morning and managed to stay the same weight as last week, which is quite an achievement as I have been taking cough medicine like it is going out of fashion.
Have a good evening and check out Country Heart and Home and FlyLady!
T T M x