Thursday, 31 December 2009


Happy New Year to all my friends old and new and those I am yet to meet! Good Luck, health and happiness for 2010.
Mrs C x

Friday, 25 December 2009


Seasons Greetings to all in Blogland.
Mrs C X

Monday, 21 December 2009

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

It has snowed practically every day since last Thursday, and has been extremely cold. It was really bad on Saturday, so me and Mr C set about getting the house decorated for the holiday season, a little late I know but hey we both work full time.

We started with the tree and progressed to the fire surround. We always get a little carried away!

I then moved onto decorating the window, where I suspended two blown glass baubles and three stars from the curtain pole using mother of pearl effect Christmas cord, and place my candle bridge in the middle of the window sill.

Next..............the hall

We had the radiator cabinet made to measure last week and I bought the letters in Florida during our last holiday. Well worth carrying them home as they cost only pennies.

Then right on cue just like a scene from a film, the postie knocked on the door and handed over a parcel which turned out to be my Christmas Stocking Swap. How exciting.

Off came the paper to reveal my stocking made especially for me by Mel, in her favourite CK fabric.
Thanks Mel its lovely!

The stocking was full of gifts.

A huge bar of chocolate, a floral decorated miniature mirror, three decorative heart shaped pegs, a coffee fragrance sachet,(my favourite smell) a lovely Russian Santa Claus doll Santa containing a fragrant candle (a gorgeous Christmassy smell) and a festive coaster.

And a magnet with a picture of a chicken on, which has pride of place on the fridge freezer.

Thanks again Mel, all my gifts are lovely

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sunday Evening at the O2 Academy

We got back from Lichfield mid afternoon, just time for forty winks then into the shower and changed to head into town to the O2 Academy to see our son and his friends in their band who were supporting Tradgedy a "Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees".

To say we felt old would be an understatement. Our son's band opened the evening and we were so proud! We wish them all well.

The main band were fantastic. We have never seen anything like them and would recommend their show to everyone. Quite bizarre listening to Bee Gees songs being sung in the style of Heavy Metal. - Fantastic. The band were dressed in Lycra and were covered in glitter. If you get the chance - Check them out!
We slept really well that evening - "The oldest rockers in town"!

A visit to Lichfield

This weekend me and Mr C travelled to Lichfield to stay the weekend with our daughter and her boyfriend.

She wont be coming home to us for Christmas as her boyfriends Mum and partner will be staying with her over the holidays. (only fair, but I will really miss her).
We arrived Friday evening after a very slow drive due to road works. She made us a wonderful supper of stuffed mushrooms to start (Mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in prosciutto , then baked in the oven - yummy) for main course we had Hunter's Chicken served with Mashed Potato, Green Beans and Carrots (again fantastic) our pud was Apple Strudel served with cream. I was really impressed, I taught her well! I forgot to mention the bottle of wine which was also very well received.

On Saturday after breakfast, we walked into Lichfield and took in some of the sites. Its a lovely place with some really picturesque buildings., like the Cathedral with three spires.
We stopped off at a tea shop and had pots of tea and toasted tea cakes - wonderful!

Saturday evening I booked a restaurant where we had traditional Christmas fare to make up for the fact we will be apart on Christmas Day. The food wasn't too great but the company made up for it.
Sunday morning came around all too soon, so we had to pack up our bags and say our goodbye's, wiping away the tears we headed off home.