Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 New Year new start!

I am a rubbish blogger but promise to be more conscientious in the future.  There have been lots of family illnesses, loads of busyness at work and an awful lot of laziness on my behalf.

I received my Cracker of a Swap from  Dawn just in time for Christmas. 

Thanks Dawn!

My favourite item is the star. x
I am still trying without success to create something in crochet but I will not give up so watch this space!

Here is the contents of my cracker sent to Dawn

The finished cracker!

Just before Christmas I spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon at the Craft House with the lovely Sandra,  my bestest friend Kerry and her lovely mum Margy.  Thanks to the tuition of Sandra we made some gorgeous Christmas crafts.  Sandra is the most creative and patient person I know (well she has to be with me!)

My photos aren't too good either and my battery ran out before I finished the project, - Note to self, be prepared next time and charge your camera!

And finally I promise to keep up to date with photos and posts in 2013 as well as working on my crochet technique.