Thursday, 17 September 2009

Messing about

I have been trying all evening to change the background on my blog and have eventually managed to do it. Yeah! Only trouble is I don't know how to change the banner to match the background. Maybe it is because I am sleep deprived or maybe it is because I am not very good. (I have been up and about since 5 am this morning). I am on the holiday count down now and cant wait until Saturday when I board my flight to Florida.

I am initially going to Orlando where I will catch up with my good friend Lady B and then next week-end we will drive to Miami to meet up with her son for a couple of days. I love the States!
T T Mx

Monday, 14 September 2009

The last days of summer

Friday and Saturday were both beautiful days in the North East. The sun shone brightly and the temperature was really very warm. I thought it would be a lovely day for a walk down by the river.

The trees looked really pretty with the sun shining full on them

Now off through the fields. Hi Baabra nice to see ewe!

How peaceful the English country side is. We are so lucky. TTMx

Coming Home - Wednesday evening

The best part of going away is coming home, don't you think? I took these photos when we were coming in to land in Newcastle last week, following my trip to Reading. The sun was still shining on the river around St Mary's Lighthouse.
Then we followed the River Tyne until we got to Wolsingham then came down to land.
Next time I take Aeriel photos I will try and remember to take the flash off so the pictures are a little clearer. Thanks for stopping by TTMx

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Getting heavier!

I went to face the music at fat class on Saturday and as predicted I gained weight, a total of 2.5 pounds. Even though I was expecting it I was still devastated! After the class my friend Lady B and I went for bacon butties and coffee in Asda. I always cheer my self up with food then feel terrible afterwards, how stupid am I? In the afternoon my hubby and I travelled up to the retreat where he is in mid DIY project hopefully to be completed this weekend. He worked outside in the sunshine and I sat inside reading my magazine looking for inspiration. We drove into the village and bought fish and chips for supper. They were really good and I washed mine down with a large glass of red. I managed to curb my cravings on Sunday, promising myself a "fresh start". I kept within my allocated points allowance all day. Whoopee!

Monday (my favourite day) my good friend BH and I went to our favourite tea shop, where we had our usual fresh cream fruit scone, with strawberry jam and a pot of tea. Wonderful as ever! I do enjoy our Mondays when we put the world to rights willing the other to finish first. I only had a snack in the evening so managed again to keep within my meagre points allowance.

Tuesday I travelled to Reading for a team meeting. First food of the day was a panini courtesy of British Airways. Not too bad but the start of things to come. On arrival at the office we were met with a buffet lunch - not good because when I see it I eat it! There were a good selection of unhealthy wraps and flat breads followed by mini fresh cream cakes. Tuesday evening we all met up in a restaurant and had huge burgers and fries accompanied by a couple of large glasses of wine and followed by McFlurry ice creams. Then back to the hotel and off to bed, my tummy groaning under the strain of all that food.

Wednesday up with the larks and down to the restaurant for a full English breakfast and a pot of coffee then off to the office for part two of the meeting. The only thing keeping us all going was the interest of what the buffet lunch would hold today. We were devastated to find out that there were no cream cakes - they had been replaced by danish pastries! When the food was done so were we and off we travelled back to Heathrow to start our homeward journey. The shopping in terminal 5 is amazing. Harrods, Tiffany, Bulgari to name but a few. I couldn't even manage a cup of coffee I had eaten so much during Tuesday and Wednesday. On the plane I partook of a bottle of red wine but they have stopped providing sandwiches which have now been replaced by nibble packs of seeds and raisins.

Wednesday also saw both of my good friends BH and Lady B travelling off to their respective foreign homes. I hope they both had safe journeys and are having a wonderful time. I am not bitter honest, and its nearly time for me to fly off to USA!

Enough of this rambling, which incidentally has at least stopped me from eating.
Have a good evening all. TTM x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Pre Holiday Panick!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no, its that time of year again, its the countdown to my holiday!
As usual I have done nothing but eat and now its panic stations because none of my clothes fit. Why do we do this to ourselves? I am due to get weighed at my Fat Club this morning and no doubt my leader will say, "You have gained weight, are you happy with that?" - What can you say to that then?

Why cant someone come up with calorie free desserts? We had a bake sale yesterday to raise money for the Cancer Research Charity, so I had to participate. There were muffins, sandwich cakes, danish pastries, cheese cakes and all manner of sweet temptations. What is a girl to do in such circumstances, and it was to raise money for a very worthwhile cause.

I have two whole weeks to try and do something about it, and tomorrow is another day, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wednesday (the new Monday)

As Monday was a Bank Holiday I missed my usual Monday outing with my good friend BH. Not to be disadvantaged we decided to take a trip out today instead.
Whilst out at the weekend, BH found a fantastic store "Wooly Blue" full of pretty things. Off we went this lunchtime on a mission, camera's in hand, both drooling at the thought of the beautiful things contained inside. We don't know how long the shop has been there but it was only 15 minutes drive from where we work so it was quite a find. Some of the treasures contained within were by Kath Kidston and Gisella Graham to mention but a few.

Once we had both made a small purchase, off we went in search of a cuppa. BH only partook of a cup of tea (What resolve, but then again it is nearly Thursday which is truth at the scales day at Fat Fighters!).
I could not resist a toasted tea-cake because a drink is too wet without one! My weigh in day is not until Saturday.
Have a good evening., and thanks for stopping by. T T M