Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sunday Evening at the O2 Academy

We got back from Lichfield mid afternoon, just time for forty winks then into the shower and changed to head into town to the O2 Academy to see our son and his friends in their band who were supporting Tradgedy a "Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees".

To say we felt old would be an understatement. Our son's band opened the evening and we were so proud! We wish them all well.

The main band were fantastic. We have never seen anything like them and would recommend their show to everyone. Quite bizarre listening to Bee Gees songs being sung in the style of Heavy Metal. - Fantastic. The band were dressed in Lycra and were covered in glitter. If you get the chance - Check them out!
We slept really well that evening - "The oldest rockers in town"!

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