Friday, 13 November 2009

First in the queue

Today Marks & Spencer held a Christmas penny bazzar which opened at 9:00am.

I met up with my bezzy mate BH at 8:15 and we headed off to the store to join the queue.

Imagine our surprise and excitement to find out we were actually first in the queue.

Just before the doors opened Santa and his helper came out and handed out chocolates and discount vouchers to be used against full price purchases in store.

We were then given a flyer showing what goods were on offer to us and we were told we could choose five. Ooh the excitement!

We both had a photo taken with Santa but don't feel brave enough to share the pictorial evidence - sorry!


The doors opened an we were invited in. I was met by a sales assistant holding a red and white carrier bag. "What 5 items would you like madame" then I made my choices.

I got a mug,

A money box complete with lock!

A tea towel.

A note book.


A key ring which has a trolley token on it!

There were no charges for the goods but everyone was asked to make a donation to the Breast Cancer Research charity, which I always like to support anyway.

Happy with our gifts we then headed off to Mc Donald's for breakfast. (not the healthiest we agreed, but none the less very acceptable!)

A very fulfilling Friday 13th!

Then off to work. Not so exciting but still it pays for the shopping trips and scones on Monday!

Have a good evening all. Mrs C x


  1. I too was at M&S today and like you I chose the trolley key,savings tin, jigsaw, chocolates and tea towel, the donations were for help the heroes. All for good causes eh. Lucey xx

  2. Looks like it was well worth getting first in line! You got some fab things, I particularly like the mug!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx


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