Saturday, 7 November 2009


I decided not to go shopping this afternoon, and I am really glad I stayed at home. The weather took a turn for the worst and it is pouring with rain and really cold.

I logged on to my laptop to check my e-mails and started checking out other blogs. Whilst checking out Country Heart and Home, I came across a reference to Flylady.
The site is inspirational, with motivational videos. One suggestion is that to start de-cluttering we get a black bag and select 27 items to throw out. It didn't take me long at all. Look out Anthea you have competition!
I have now been through most of my magazines (why I hang on to them I really don't know) but the majority of them are now in the recycling box ready for Thursday. I will move upstairs tomorrow hopefully and by Monday the charity shops in the area will have some new stock.
I have kept my Weight Watchers mags and I am just now waiting for my slimming mojo to return. I went to fat class this morning and managed to stay the same weight as last week, which is quite an achievement as I have been taking cough medicine like it is going out of fashion.
Have a good evening and check out Country Heart and Home and FlyLady!
T T M x

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  1. oooooh!!! Inspiration a la Queen Anthea!! Yippee!! I REALLY need a good chuck oot....where's me bin bags...????

    BH x


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