Sunday, 29 November 2009

My week in the Derbyshire Peak District

This week my work took me to the Derbyshire Peak District. Whilst driving there on Monday I encountered some really heavy rain that was running like rivers down the sides of the roads and the windscreen wipers couldn't clear the drops off my windscreen fast enough! Very scary indeed.
The roads are very steep but the scenery is beautiful, even through the rain. The rest of the week was cold but the sun came out to reveal the most wonderful architecture and scenery. I cant believe I walked up and down those streets three days in a row!
I stayed in a really nice hotel called "The Red House" (photo taken from their website, as I arrived after dark!)

My bedroom was warm and cozy, and was decorated in cream. It had its original fire place, but it was there for decoration only unfortunately.
The owner and staff of the hotel were very welcoming and I would recommend anyone to stay there if they get the opportunity! I am off to John Lewis next week to try and buy a similar bedspread. I met some lovely people during the course of the week, one of whom makes knitted tea cosy's that she sells from her home in one of the villages. She has sparked my interest in knitting again and I have made a couple for her to add to her collection. Unfortunately I forgot to take picture before I handed them over. I will take pictures of my next creations as soon as I finish them. Thanks for stopping by.
Mrs C

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  1. That looks like Matlock to me - Its lovely at Matlock. I'd love to know what job you do. Beats sitting in an office like me!!


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