Thursday, 17 September 2009

Messing about

I have been trying all evening to change the background on my blog and have eventually managed to do it. Yeah! Only trouble is I don't know how to change the banner to match the background. Maybe it is because I am sleep deprived or maybe it is because I am not very good. (I have been up and about since 5 am this morning). I am on the holiday count down now and cant wait until Saturday when I board my flight to Florida.

I am initially going to Orlando where I will catch up with my good friend Lady B and then next week-end we will drive to Miami to meet up with her son for a couple of days. I love the States!
T T Mx

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  1. Can I come too??!! Love your photo's - especially the ones where you are landing. What is it that you do for a job? Enjoy your holidays and the sunshine


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