Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wednesday (the new Monday)

As Monday was a Bank Holiday I missed my usual Monday outing with my good friend BH. Not to be disadvantaged we decided to take a trip out today instead.
Whilst out at the weekend, BH found a fantastic store "Wooly Blue" full of pretty things. Off we went this lunchtime on a mission, camera's in hand, both drooling at the thought of the beautiful things contained inside. We don't know how long the shop has been there but it was only 15 minutes drive from where we work so it was quite a find. Some of the treasures contained within were by Kath Kidston and Gisella Graham to mention but a few.

Once we had both made a small purchase, off we went in search of a cuppa. BH only partook of a cup of tea (What resolve, but then again it is nearly Thursday which is truth at the scales day at Fat Fighters!).
I could not resist a toasted tea-cake because a drink is too wet without one! My weigh in day is not until Saturday.
Have a good evening., and thanks for stopping by. T T M

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