Friday, 30 October 2009

Pumpkin Soup Mmmnnnnn

As it is Halloween tomorrow coupled with the drop in temperature today, I decided to buy a pumpkin and make some delicious warming soup.

I used the flesh of the pumpkin which I softened in some oil along with 2 carrots, a large onion, half a leek and 2 veggie stock cubes. I added enough water to half fill my pan and left it to cook for about 45minutes. Next step I added a handful of fresh coriander then blitzed it down with a stick blender. Eh voila, a delicious pan of soup.


Well I couldn't just throw the pumpkin away, so I decided to check out Google images for a template and get creative. I then set about marking the picture onto the pumpkin by pricking it with a skewer. The next part was the hardest, I had to cut through the pumpkin around my guidelines, then the worst thing ever happened my cutting tool snapped and I had to finish my effort with a small knife.

Well about an hour later the lantern is finished and ready to light the candle.

Not bad for a first go,, don't you think!
Oh and the soup was delicious.
Have a good weekend everyone

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