Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

We have spent the weekend based at our "Country Retreat" and have had a blissful time.
Needless to say I have been shopping in the village for pretty things to adorn my display cabinets.
I bought a really sweet (pardon the pun) strawberry jam pot which originated at Fortnum and Mason. Sorry my photo is a bit rubbish but its been thundering and the lightning is so scary, I am just trying to take my mind off the scariness by updating my blog!

I have also bought a lovely honey pot in the shape of an old hive with honey bees on it!
My sister and her husband came to visit yesterday and stayed the night, it was really nice to see them. We drove to Kelso today which is just over the border in Scotland and took in some of the sights. We saw the remains of an old church and the workmanship is fantastic. It is humbling to look at such works to think that when it was constructed they didn't have access to the machinery available to builders today.
Next stop down to the river to see the swans and cygnets.
I am now sitting listening to the pouring rain and watching lighting which I find very scary. Hey did I mention I now have gone all high tech with my mobile broadband. It doesn't work at high speed due to our location but I still have access to my emails and the blogs I am following. Thank goodness for technology eh!

Have a good evening. TTMx

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