Monday, 17 August 2009

Calais for tea

As I was working in Dover last week, I thought it would be an adventure to get the ferry across to Calais for tea on Wednesday. I have never driven onto a Ferry before or anywhere in France for that matter! I booked my ticket on the Internet and turned up at the port as instructed an hour before departure. I still had on my business suit so looked really out of place amongst the rest of the holiday makers making their way to Europe. Any way off I went following the instructions till I was pulled over by the security guys to have my vehicle searched. Honestly they let all the suspicious folk drive past and stopped me. I had nothing more than a briefcase in my boot! I then drove through passport control not even having my passport examined and drove onto the ferry. I was so proud of my achievement. The crossing was really calm and then it was time to drive off into France. This again I managed to do without any problems. I drove down the motorway and followed my instructions to the Wine Warehouses. Well - I have never seen anything like it, most were closed (it was after 8pm when I got there) and those that were open were dirty and dusty warehouses and their prices were more or less the same as at home. I then decided it was time to eat so followed the signs to the Plage (beach) and there were several restaurants advertising mussels (one of my favourite foods).

Well they were all closing for the evening so I ended up buying frites & mayonnaise, but I did order them in French having previously been coached in the art of shopping by my good friend BH! It was then time to head back to the ferry for the journey home. There was a 45 minute delay then back on board. I got back to my hotel just after 1 am. Straight to bed for me, but what an adventure. Its days like this that make me love my job.


  1. Bojour Madamme C!!!

    FAB photie of the sunset - am geet jel of yer photographic skills!!!

    Lovin' the blerg!!

    BH x

  2. Welcome to blogging!! Found you through Blueberry Heart- my "virtual" drinking partner!! Love reading what you have written so far!


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