Sunday, 23 August 2009

A wonderful weekend in the country

We have just returned from a lovely weekend in our "Country Retreat". Nothing to hear but the sounds of the birds singing. Ah it was bliss. The sun was shining on Friday evening when we arrived, so after unpacking the car, we sat outside with a drink and enjoyed the evening air and the sounds of silence. Saturday was another fabulous day, sun shining brightly. Unfortunately when the sun shines my hubby takes to doing his DIY, so no peace for me! We drove to the nearest town for some supplies to allow him to finish his project. I took some photos of the view on the way to the store. In the distance is the sea honest!

We bought the bits and pieces and stopped off at M&S Food to pick up something nice for supper. The roads were so quiet it was like a piece of heaven in the countryside.
When we got back we sat out in the sunshine, again with a drink and some olives while our evening meal was cooking. We ate our meal outside too as it remained quite warm. Then inside to catch the first episode of X-Factor. Needles to say there was no DIY done at all on Saturday, ah well there is always next weekend!

Today started off well but by 9:30 the torrential rain started and didn't stop! We headed back home and stopped of to visit my Dad, where we stayed for tea. He always cooks something nice for our tea and today was no exception. Thanks Dad. X

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