Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A long weekend in Miami 26th September 2009

On Friday of our first week I drove Mr C and my very good friend Lady B (who lives in Orlando 6 months of the year) down to Miami to visit her son. What an adventure, I am so proud of my achievment in mastering the traffic. Master B gave me a bit of advice - when you see a brake light in front of you just accelerate. Well blow me but it worked every time! We dropped Lady B off at Master B's house and after a drink (coffee for me, beer for Mr C, wine for the B's) we drove to Miami Beach to check into our hotel. A very pleasant surprise awaited us. The hotel upgraded our room which was great. When we looked out of the window we were well impressed. It was sunset so I had to take a photo.

We showered and changed as quite as we could then it was off for a spot of posing on Lincoln Road. I just love it! And I had'nt had a drink all week due to being the designated driver or should I say the only driver! Bless him he has promised to take some driving lessons this century but I am not holding my breath.

My turn for a drink I have'nt had a Margarita in ages (February) so this one didnt take long to finish off!

Then I got my eye on the selection available. Fantastic. (I dont get out much!)

We ate our meal alfresco whilst people watching, followed by another drink then back to the
hotel for a well earned sleep.

On Saturday we decided to take a little light exercise in the form of a walk along the boardwalk. Some of the sights (joggers) were a sight to behold. Some of the girlies were jogging half naked. Mr C was dumfounded. I think most of the runners were merely posing for the delight of the tourists. More photos of hotels and views of the beach. Sorry I didnt take any of the joggers!

We passed the Versace Palace. Those people stood talking for ever so I just took their photo too!

We then went to a deli for lunch before continuing to walk the length and breadth of Miami Beach. We returned to the hotel at 4pm and needed a lie down before showering and driving to Master B's house for dinner. But not before capturing another amazing sun-set!
On Sunday we went to church to hear Master B sing a solo (amazing rendition of You lift me up), then back to Lincoln Road for a lunch of Pizza before travelling back to Orlando for dinner at Lady B's house, then back to our villa for a night cap and then bed, exhausted.

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